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what people are saying about my course

"I manifested two new clients and unexpected money RIGHT after finishing one of the videos in your course."

- Orlando

"I manifested my dream job while taking this course and I'll take every course Garrett puts out in the future."

- Mona

"I met my dream partner because of your course and I'll update you when I get a ring!" 

- Shanice

This online training is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Build an Online Community or Brand
  • Start Making Money Through Social Media
  • Finally Ditch Your 9-5 to Be a Full Time Influencer
  • Elevate Your Mindset + Energy So You Can Turn Your Passions into Your Paycheck
  • Share Your Voice - And Your Energy - With The Masses
  • Stay Organised + On Top Of Your Life and Career
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What You'll Learn In This Course

Are you annoyed that your social media isn't growing, and you want to manifest being wealthy and well known? Then this training is for you. You will learn all the secrets for going VIRAL, as well as how to EMBODY your energy and share your voice more powerfully than ever.

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I grew 50,000 instagram followers in only 2 months, and I'm giving you the exact steps I took, so that you can too.

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This training comes with these bonuses:

  • 120 Done for You Post Ideas (Across 4 Different Niches, so you never run out of ideas again)
  • How To Make Money In Sponsorships + UGC
  • An All-In-One Notion Life Planner
  • Template For Reaching Out To Brands
  • Branding Guide So You Stick Out on All Socials
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Frequently Asked Questions

This course includes over 20 video tutorials with me guiding you through each step of your manifestation journey. You may know me from my content on Instagram... and don't you worry, I bring just as much fun and energy in these videos, too!

I walk you through exercises to reprogram your subconscious mind, and help you let go of your limited beliefs and open up to believe in yourself and take the action steps necessary to make massive shifts in your life.

The ultimate printable journal for you to stay accountable and become more organized than ever before

The course is still in launch pricing, though I know its value is well worth over $500 because it's helped people manifest their dream partner, dream job, unexpected income ($2,000 in two days), and more

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